MEWP Train the Trainer

Welcome to the Forklift University Trainer Materials Portal. As a qualified and trained professional, you will have access to training materials that can be used to certify, train and support your MEWP safety program.

The training materials are grouped in each section, click the heading to access the materials.

Each item can be downloaded to your local computer by clicking on it and selecting download. The forms are in both .pdf & .docx formats, click on the picture for a .pdf or select the download button for MS Word.

PowerPoint programs download locally in a PPSM format.

NOTE: This page is under development, trainers can use the files and information uploaded here, but not all sections are complete. If the link exists and works it is the latest version. The standard pages have the complete setup. Once this is complete, then the legacy pages will be available from a button selection.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Warehouse Forklift Training

Training PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is designed to allow a qualified instructor to present the training material for Forklift University on Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (aerial lifts). It also covers the required OSHA guideline requirements, as well as the NEW ANSI Guidelines for MEWP's.

This allows trainers to certify operators as well as provide familiarization training when needed.

Download PPSM
Operator Guide

Instructor Guide

The instructor guide is a review of the train the trainer class. With presentation, teaching and equipment information.

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Class Roster

Class Roster

The class roster provides attendance records for your training. This is an important document to provide if you have to prove training compliance to OSHA.

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use authorization

Use Authoriztion

This form allows the instructor to submit an operator use authorization to the HR dept. or keep on file that the operator is authorized on multiple lifts. It can be used for documentation in addiion to or in place of the evaluation form.

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safe use ack

Save Use Acknowledgement

This is an optional form, that can be used to confirm the student understands the safe use of the equipment, will speak up if there is a dangerous situation and they have reviewed the OSHA information and safe rules for the facility.

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